HIPAA Solutions LC​
Compliance Specialists

HIPAA and HITECH Audits / HIPAA Compliance Consulting / Privacy and Security  

HIPAA Solutions, LC offers nationally recognized expertise to perform HIPAA Audits for Privacy and Security that addresses the following areas:

  • IT Infrastructure - servers & operating systems
  • Network Infrastructure – routers, firewalls, workstations & e-mail systems
  • Internal & external network system
  • User access - online applications or PHI in records
  • Business processes & computer applications
  • Compliance status related to the “minimum necessary” rule of HIPAA
  • Policies and procedures relating to specific job functions & departments
  • Analysis of documentation of implementation as proof of compliance for all HIPAA / HITECH legal and technical mandates
  • Tracking & documentation of uses & access to Protected Health Information
  • Training for initial awareness & updates to address court rulings or regulatory changes
  • Security of PHI at facilities & in personnel activity