The cloud based HIPAA ComplyPAK™ Compliance Management System has assisted multiple clients in successfully responding to audits including:

  • Office of Civil Rights (OCR), Audits and inquires
  • AICPA SOC Level 2 Audits
  • State Data Use Agreement (DUA) Audits

​The proven system reduces the complexity of achieving and maintaining ongoing compliance.

ComplyPAK™ is enterprise wide software that addresses multiple HIPAA Privacy and Security compliance requirements.   

Using the software remediates your organization.    

In the event of an audit, your organization’s Privacy or Security Officer can go to one location to respond to the audit. 

Prove your organization and employees are compliant with the click of a button.   

ComplyPAK™ is updated routinely with new content and tools that make it easier for an organization to manage ongoing HIPAA and HITECH compliance on an enterprise wide basis. 

All utilities, tools, and content are based upon authoritative sources. 

Update current compliance programs with proven content. 

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